Pacron Padded Mailers Curbside Fully Recycable Hexcoat

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Durable Protection: Whether you are thinking of mailing special documents or small products for your business, these brown honeycomb-padded envelopes should be your first choice. The rigid, structured paper fibers keep your shipment safe and secure from damaging and tampering throughout the delivery.
Eco-Friendly: The perfect choice for small businesses looking for sustainable shipping. options. Unlike plastic poly bubble wrap, our USA Made, 25 Pack of Honeycomb Padded Envelopes are made from 100% Curbside Recyclable paper packaging and can be recycled after use.
Secure and Safe: The Honeycomb Padded envelopes provide extra protection during transit, ensuring the packages arrive to each recipient in perfect, undamaged condition. The built-in protection lets you skip manual void filling, saving you money and time. Sealed with a peel-and-seal gum flap
Lower Shipping Costs: The exterior and interior Kraft Paper Fiber is exceptionally lightweight, resulting in lower shipping costs for you! In addition, the opaque cardboard protects the shipped item from curious and prying eyes. You can mail sensitive documents and articles without worry in these Honeycomb Padded mailers.
Airtight Seal: The self-sealing gum-flapped closure provides a dependable, tamper-resistant tight seal to secure all items. In addition, the extra smooth paper surface is perfect for writing, stamping, and labeling.

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