2.4mil Industrial Poly Mailers - 9x12" #3

2.4mil Industrial Poly Mailers - 9x12
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2.4mil Industrial Poly Mailers - 9x12" #3

2.4mil Industrial Poly Mailers - 9x12" #3

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10 Mailers $7.43
25 Mailers $8.25
50 mailers $11.84
100 Mailers $16.79
200 Mailers $20.73
500 Mailers $33.27
1000 Mailers $55.14
2000 Mailers $96.78
4000 Mailers $193.57


Secure Seal™ Industrial Poly Mailers

Extra Strong polyethylene mailers protect products from Tearing during shipping. *COMES WITH SUFFOCATION WARNING ON BAG*
  • 2.4mil Mailers are puncture, water, tamper, and tear resistant.
  • High strength seams will keep contents intact, even if over packed.
  • The outer surface of the mailer is white and the inner lining is silver.
  • Labels, stamps, and ink adhere well.
  • Self-sealing.
  • Upgrade Your Business — Lower your shipping costs while maintaining excellent shipping service. These flexible mailers level up your E-commerce business. The mailers are made from lightweight, durable material. Your new bulk shipping envelopes will help you to save on postage without sacrificing quality
  • Safeguarding Your Security  — Send lightweight, non-fragile goods with Secure Seal poly mailers. Your new plastic shipping bags self seal with a strong adhesive strip and won't open in transit. The tamper proof design helps keep items safe through the whole journey
  • Robust Product Protection  — Mail your goods in confidence. Secure Seal package envelopes are waterproof and tear resistant. Made from high-grade polyethylene, your shipping mailers will help keep your contents dry and safe until they reach their destination
  • Ship It All — Use your poly mailer bags to send a variety of items in the mail. With measurements ranging from 4"x6" to 32"x32", these package bags for shipping are suitable for clothing, books, supplements, and other lightweight, non-fragile items
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