Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers - #0 6x10" (6x9 Interior)

Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers - #0 6x10
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Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers - #0 6x10" (6x9 Interior)

Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers - #0 6x10" (6x9 Interior)

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Black / 25 $16.96
Black / 50 $21.83
Black / 100 $31.04
Black / 250 $63.79
Black / 500 $104.72
Black / 1000 $208.83
Gold / 25 $16.96
Gold / 50 $21.83
Gold / 100 $31.04
Gold / 250 $63.79
Gold / 500 $104.72
Gold / 1000 $208.83


Secure Seal™ Glamour Metallic Bubble Mailers

Get the most out of your mailing - protect your shipment and grab your customer's attention!
  • Bright and shiny metallic exterior is available in Gold and Black
  • Lightweight and moisture-resistant.
  • The outer surface of the mailer is white and the inner lining is silver.
  • Features a peel and seal adhesive closure.
Introducing our stunning Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers by Secure Seal. The perfect packaging solution to make a bold and unforgettable impression on your customers! Crafted with premium materials and designed with elegance in mind, these mailers combine eye-catching aesthetics with reliable protection for your precious items. Our Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers are not your ordinary packaging solution. With their shimmering metallic finish, they exude a touch of luxury and sophistication that will capture attention from the moment they arrive. The glamorous exterior is bound to make your customers feel excited even before they open the package. But it's not just about looks - these mailers are built to deliver outstanding performance. Each mailer is lined with a layer of high-quality bubble cushioning, providing a cushioned barrier to shield your products from bumps, impacts, and scratches during transit. Your delicate items, whether it's jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, or small gifts, will stay secure and protected throughout their journey. We understand the importance of convenience in your busy life, so our Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers are designed for hassle-free packing. The self-sealing adhesive strip ensures quick and easy closure, eliminating the need for additional tape or glue. Simply insert your items, peel off the protective strip, and press to seal - it's that simple! Whether you're a small business owner, an online retailer, or an individual sending a special gift, our Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers are the ultimate choice for making a lasting impression. Elevate your brand, enhance the unboxing experience, and leave a memorable mark on your customers with these extraordinary mailers. Upgrade your packaging game and let your products shine with our Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers. Order now and indulge in the perfect combination of style, protection, and sustainability for your shipments!
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