Poly Bubble Mailers - 9.5x14.5" #4

Poly Bubble Mailers - 9.5x14.5
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Poly Bubble Mailers - 9.5x14.5" #4

Poly Bubble Mailers - 9.5x14.5" #4

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10 Mailers $11.52
25 Mailers $21.25
50 mailers $24.16
100 Mailers $37.84
200 Mailers $61.71
400 Mailers $124.61
1000 Mailers $307.67
Pallet 6000 Mailers $2,043.39


Secure Seal™ Poly Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

Mailers combine the moisture resistance of a polyethylene bag with the cushioning bubble lining.
  • Light-weight for lower shipping costs.
  • Tamper and tear resistant.
  • Self-sealing for fast packing
Poly Bubble Mailers
  1. Don't Take Any Chances –– Protect your products and your reputation every time you ship. These envelope mailers have a shock-absorbing padded interior and waterproof puncture-resistant seamless exterior. Put your best foot forward, and find peace of mind when using these bubble envelopes
  2. Simply Peel & Seal –– These bubble packaging envelopes are designed for simple packing with maximum security. The self-sealing strip has a powerful adhesive to make the padded mailers tamperproof. Save time, and pack your big orders with minimum effort
  3. Save On Shipping –– When it comes to sending out your orders, every ounce counts. That's why these bubble poly mailers are lightweight, yet remarkably durable. Reducing your overall costs, while increasing your ratio of successful packages sent
  4. Smooth Outer Surface –– Stand out from your competition. Whether you're adding a label or a personalized written touch, these white padded shipping envelopes are your blank canvas. The opaque outer surface also adds a touch of privacy your customers will appreciate
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